Moisture Resitsant


Waxed Edge Laminate Flooring


Waxed edge laminate flooring assures top moisture resistance. The edges are coated with wax to seal them and make the floors even more durable. Waxed edge laminate flooring is ideal for busy spaces, households with children and pets, and high traffic areas like doorways or halls.

How does it work and what are the benefits?

Right after installation of waxed edge laminate flooring, the wax between the joints is squeezed and activated forming a moisture-resistant seal. This creates additional benefit and comes with your floor to guard it against water spills and water exposure during the cleaning process.

Another benefit of waxed edge laminate flooring is easier installation. Planks with wax treatment click together easily – the joint slides together by itself. Additionally floors can be easily re-used and/or reinstalled at any time.